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The Incredible Crosby JOS-E Valve Series

Look up safety and precision in the valve dictionary, and you might find the Crosby JOS-E valve series, which offers a robust solution for various industrial applications. Engineered by industry […]

10 Reasons NASVI’s The Top Choice for Safety Valve Solutions

1. Prompt Expert Assistance Dedicated, nerdy smart application engineers answering your questions, pronto. 2. Downtime Solutions Exchange and rental programs for safety valve repairs, minimizing downtime and keeping costs in […]

Have You Met?

Keith “Tito” Frey, Valve Setter Meet Tito Frey, a valve setter, who joined NASVI in May 2023. Tito’s experience is a cornucopia. He was a Marine Corps sergeant, specializing in […]

Gear Up for Turnarounds

Enhance your customer service with NASVI’s repair and testing services, resulting in minimal downtime and cost savings for your clients. Profitable Opportunities Ahead Our service center has been a favorite […]

Relief Valves are Dumb

A lawyer called me to discuss relief valves. He wanted a better understanding of them, to come out and to see how they work. I had never heard of the […]

“Do They Even Have Parts for That Safety Valve Anymore?”

To say there is a lot impacting the logistics side of the safety valve industry is an understatement. Regardless of manufacturers catching up on orders, shipping delays and such, your […]

Dispelling Myths About Remanufactured Valves

Remanufactured valves are often overlooked thanks to misconceptions. As your customers search for efficient and cost-effective solutions for replacing safety valves, here is information to help them separate fact from […]

When the Old Way is a Better Way

Can someone explain why streaming TV is better than good-old cable TV? I do not understand. I have five different streaming services. Streaming was marketed as being much less expensive […]

Employee Spotlight: Have You Met?

Erik Hedeen, Machinist Erik moved to Kansas City from a rural Kansas town after he graduated high school. He attended college for audio engineering at Baker University. “I play several […]

When It’s a Matter of Repair, Why Trust NASVI for Efficient and Precision Service?

Comprehensive Repair Services From safety valve rebuilds and upgrades to regular maintenance and service, it’s a matter of consistent uptime without breaking the bank. Our factory-trained personnel are not only […]

Have Big Truck. Will Travel.

Some heroes arrive on white horses. Some save the day in a fire truck or squad car. And some fly in on a spider web or glass jet. NASVI’s heroes […]

A Friendly (Yet, Dire) Service Reminder: Proper Valve Testing

There’s no time like the present to emphasize the significance of performing valve tests with caution, specifically when using the lever to manually test a valve in line. To prevent […]

Your Customers Need Apollo Valves Now, Not Wait Times

Have customers who need to get their hands on Apollo valves, which are hard to come by directly from the factory lately? Where there’s a will, there’s a way. And, […]

Using Gags in Safety Valve Testing 101

Of course, safety valves are critical components that protect industrial systems from excessive pressure. Regular testing of these valves is essential to ensure their reliable operation and the overall safety […]

Have a Great Summer! Call Me

I love summer. I am an 80s/90s child, so I remember the days of signing yearbooks at the end of the year with “Have a great summer! Call me.” (Yes, […]

Selling in the Face of a Recession

A recession seems to be looming on everyone’s mind lately. If another “expert” predicts one or another large tech company lays off thousands of employees in anticipation of one, I’m […]

Employee Spotlight: Have You Met?

Kory Rash, NASVI Machinist By chance, do you remember the news of the nuclear-powered Los Angeles class Attack Submarine, USS Newport News, hitting a Japanese supertanker in the Persian Gulf’s […]

7 Things to Know About NASVI’s Valve Repair Program

Our comprehensive valve repair service program is designed to keep safety valves at optimum operating efficiency. If you are ever in need of valve repair, here are seven things you […]

Recession in the Pipeline or Not, Remanufactured Valves are No Risk, All Reward

With the possibility of a recession occurring this year, your customers might put off buying new valves. Yet, state or insurance inspectors require them to get their valves recertified. Then, […]

How Long Do Safety Valves Last?

Safety valves, when properly maintained, can last a long time—upwards of 30 years or more. Much more. Recently, a century-old valve arrived at NASVI for repair. After machining and lapping […]

Employee Spotlight: Have You Met?

William Rock III, NASVI Valve Disassembler Since 2001 When a valve arrives at our facility for remanufacturing, William Rock III (Bill) is ready and waiting on the front line. He […]

Featured Valve: Kunkle Series 900

Bronze, steel and stainless steel safety relief valves for air, gas, steam, liquid and vacuum service that meet ASME Section VIII, ‘UV’; Section I, ‘V’, are National Board certified and […]

The History of NASVI: Q&A with Allen Tanis, Founder

Q: Did you wake up one morning and decide to open a safety valve business? Al: No. I was in Chicago and had a friend who was moving. We borrowed […]

Business Should Be Personal

I cannot tell you how many times in the past few years I’ve been told, “It’s business. It’s not personal.” Another favorite I hear is, “You shouldn’t take things so […]

NASVI Xperience Game

When it comes to safety valve experience NASVI employees have a mountain of knowledge. Guess how many years of collective experience these three long-time employees have in this short video. […]

When the Pressure Is On, NASVI’s Team Comes Through

NASVI tests and ships more than 150 safety valves a day, but we’re never too busy to take a moment to read what our customers say. Here are a few […]

Employee Spotlight: Have You Met?

Mike Reyes, NASVI Machinist Since 1994 Have you noticed a group of small planes that occasionally fly over Arrowhead on game days and Kansas Speedway on race days? If so, […]

Featured Valve: Anderson Greenwood 81P for Liquid Service

This direct spring-operated pressure relief valve, part of the Series 60 and 80, uses special internals and soft seats for optimum, accurate performance. Of course, we have them in stock. […]

A Solution to Everything

Well, it looks like I didn’t completely bore you readers to tears in the last newsletter, so I’m back for round two. As some lucky people who have recently called […]

The Importance of Taking the Extra Step for Safety Valve Quality Control: Testing Factory Settings

The NASVI team goes the extra step in safety valve quality control. Before we ship any valve, we set and test them to the end user’s specifications. This is an […]

Change. . .

Well, it finally happened. The old man, God love him, decided he is no longer writing the “President’s Letter” for our newsletter. After 47 years, apparently, he’s had enough and […]

The Burning Questions We’re Asked Most

Q: My customer has a 2-inch line. Do I need to sell them a 2-inch safety valve? A: Safety valves should be sized and selected based on the set pressure […]

Employee Spotlight: Have You Met?

Jeff Risner, NASVI Machinist Since 1992 Back in the 1900s (as the younger ones like to call it), Jeff Risner was one of 700 who arrived at Maple Woods Community […]

Your Port in a Supply Chain Storm

No doubt you and your customers come face to face with supply chain issues on some level on a daily basis. Manufacturing, warehousing, shipping, trucking, stocking, deliveries and labor shortages […]

The Sought-After Kunkle Iron Relief Valves for both Steam and Air Service

Not only is Kunkle’s 6252/6254 among their largest valves, also it’s a very sought-after one. You guessed it; we keep several in stock. For general application, it is suitable for […]

Down the Stretch They Come

That famous horse racing call by Dave Johnson applies to my pending retirement. I’m down the stretch. I haven’t hit the wire yet, but I haven’t spent a lot of […]

You Didn’t Cause the Supply Chain Problems, You Just Solve Them

Valve manufacturers are not immune from the supply chain issues plaguing most industries right now. It’s predicted that it will take some time for shipping channels to be adjusted. NASVI […]

Employee Spotlight: Braxton Voss, Applications Engineer

Braxton Voss is celebrating his one-year anniversary with NASVI—the “paper” anniversary. What better way to celebrate him than featuring him in our print newsletter? Braxton is an applications engineer who […]

Where Have All the Kunkle 218s Gone?

We can’t speak for all Kunkle 218s, but we can account for quite a few of them because they are in our warehouse, ready to ship. Shhhh, don’t tell the […]

Heating Season: Our Safety Valve Inventory Can Take the Pressure Off!

With supply chain disruptions hitting manufacturers, it’s important to be proactive as we approach heating season. With 35,000 relief and safety valves in stock & same day shipping, our extensive […]

Enough About What We Think. What Do Customers Think About Us?

“Two things you can count on: the earth turning and Andrea getting back [to you] fast, accurately and with tracking. Thank you!” “Your guys just called to tell me this […]

How to Order Safety Valves

Supply the following information: Example: 1.  Quantity of Valves 4 2.  Size of Valve Inlet and Outlet 1 ½” x 2” 3.  Type, Model or Figure Number 1905FC 4.  Manufacturer Consolidated 5.  Inlet and […]

Don’t Wait 36 Weeks for a New Consolidated 1700, 2700 and 1900-P1 Economizer Valve! NASVI Has Them Today.

If you’re searching for a new Consolidated 1700 Series Maxiflow™ safety valve, or the 2700 and 1900-P1 Series economizer valves, look no further than NASVI. We’re the only company in […]

Now, THAT is a Testimonial

Several customers have personally told me that NASVI is on their “Top 3 Vendor” list. We really appreciate when you take the time to let us know how good you […]

Our inventory is infinite…or close to it.

Did you know that NASVI has 35,000 safety & relief valves ready to ship at a moment’s notice? Or that warehouse is so huge (63,000 square feet!) we have a […]

POP Goes the Valve

NASVI pressure tests over 150 valves every day. Watch the process from adjusting the blow down ring to field service guidelines and performing the test pop, to sealing and shipping […]

Winners and Losers

With every crisis there are winners and losers. Costco, Amazon, Home Depot, Proctor & Gamble, Zoom and others were huge winners while airlines, health clubs, most restaurants, bars, movie theatres, […]

What a Relief! NASVI’s Stocking the Kunkle 218

If your customers are requesting a Kunkle liquid relief valve, model 218, then it’ll come as no surprise to you that not all distributors stock them and the manufacturer’s lead […]

Anderson Greenwood Type 63B Safety Valves 63B… 63B… BINGO! In Stock

No need to wait weeks for order processing and shipping direct from the factory for Anderson Greenwood’s 63B. Why? NASVI has a number of them in stock and ready to […]

Come Explore the New

We are thrilled to announce that our new website is live. Over the past few months, our team looked for ways to improve your online experience and make getting the […]

Shutdown Support: NASVI is on Stand By

A cracked valve, a broken part. There are always unwelcome surprises during a scheduled or unplanned shut down. Operations need to be back up and running ASAP. Don’t wait 7-10 […]

A No Brainer

A No Brainer. Wearing face masks and social distancing is a no brainer. It isn’t pleasant, but you do what you have to do. Selling safety valves is also a […]

NASVI is the Only Company in the U.S. Stocking New Consolidated 1700 and 2700 and P1 Economizer Valves

If you’re on the hunt for a new Consolidated 1700 Series Maxiflow™ safety valve, or the 2700 and P1 Series economizer valves, look no further than NASVI. We’re the only […]

Test Your Knowledge on Drip Pan Elbows

What’s the purpose of a drip pan elbow? It provides a means to handle condensate from safety valves used in steam applications. Where are drip pan elbows used? The drip […]

Under Pressure? A Kunkle Valve Order Takes Just Minutes

When you sell safety valves, your customers are under pressure to get what they need fast. That’s why NASVI stocks the largest selection of Kunkle Valves for a variety of […]

Customer Got a Tight Turnaround?

Suggest a NASVI Valve Exchange Program. If your customer has several safety valves in need of repair but can’t afford to shut down for lengthy repairs, there’s an easy solution: […]

More Companies are Looking for Options that Save Dollars and Time.

Offer remanufactured safety valves and watch sales grow. More companies today have found that it makes sense to rely on remanufactured safety valves. For most industrial uses, remanufactured valves offer […]

The Truth Will Set You Free

Five years ago, I wrote that the bean counters were trying to push you around with their slow pay strategies. Because of the virus, the excuses asking for another 30 […]

Summer Repair Season Can Add Profits in Your Pocket

Offer NASVI’s quick turnaround on repair and testing services. At NASVI, our repair services are designed to keep: Your customer’s safety and relief valves at peak operating efficiency, and Put […]

Selling safety valves is easy when you have the right help!

You don’t have to be an expert in the field of safety and relief valves to sell them because that’s our job. And we’re only a phone call away. We’ll […]

If Your Customer is Talking Tight Budgets, You Talk Remanufactured Valves.

Today, many companies are finding when maintenance budgets need to be stretched; a safe way to save is to rely on remanufactured safety valves. For most industrial uses, remanufactured valves […]

Repair Season is Here

Increase profits, make our new Repair Facility your first stop. North American’s new Service Center is equipped to handle any safety valve repair. NASVI has the specifications for nearly every […]

Introducing Our Newest Sales Team Member

A.J. Podschwit has an extensive background in industrial sales. In his role as application engineer at North American, he puts it to use every day. “Customers call with specs, but […]

Your Single Source for All Safety and Relief Valve Needs.

Our goal is to make it easy for you to profit from the sales of safety and relief valves. Call us for assistance. We can help you with sales planning, […]

It’s Nice to Know You’re Needed

I am writing this on March 26 and the virus is well into its third week in the United States. We received a letter from Homeland Security that North American […]

Safety Valve 102

Earlier this year, I shared a little product education on safety valves that can make you look really smart to customers, which usually means more orders for everything you sell. […]

The next time they ask for a new safety valve fast, call NASVI!

Not a week goes by that at least one caller asks, “Do you know where I can get new safety valves?” We always answer yes. Then we ask them the […]

Big Inventory + Knowledgeable Staff = Good Business

When you need something, you go shopping. Choose the wrong place and you can end up wasting a lot of time. Or end up not getting what you need. Costco […]

Huge Inventory with an Incredible Selection

• More than 35,000 valves in 3,100 varieties • Currently set and ship over 200 valves per day • We repair over 40 valves a week with plenty of capabilities […]

Safety Valve 101

A little product education can make you look super smart to customers, which usually means more orders for everything you sell. Here’s a few things to keep in mind about […]

Recommend Remanufactured Safety Valves with Full Confidence

A popular alternative for customers looking to save money and cut downtime. Today, many companies are finding when maintenance budgets need to be stretched; a safe way to save is […]

NASVI Welcomes New Sales Team Member

Kolby Gabbert has been with North American for nearly a year, and compared to many NASVI employees, he’s still a newcomer. Kolby is an application engineer and enjoys the customer […]

Tip or Tariff

In my 46-year career, I have seen the highs and the lows. The biggest low was the early 80s when double-digit inflation caused prices to go up twice a year […]

More Companies Look for Alternatives to Save Money and Cut Down Time.

Offer North American’s remanufactured safety valves as an alternative and watch your sales grow. Many companies have found that it makes sense to rely on remanufactured safety valves. For most […]

Make NASVI’s Service Center Your First Choice

Our repair service center is designed to keep your customer’s safety and relief valves at peak operating efficiency. In addition to an experienced, skilled staff, NASVI’s Service Center is equipped […]

Home Sweet Home

The Taj is looking good, and we’re still making a few adjustments to make it even better. We got a surprise in the mail from the city. They want $1,600 […]

Your Source for hard-to-find multi-unit orders.

Our giant inventory and remarkable selection awaits your call. One of the customers recently inquired about the availability of five 4-inch liquid flanged valves. The end user had made a […]

If They’re Talking Tight Budgets, You Talk the Remanufactured Alternative.

Today, many companies are finding when maintenance budgets need to be stretched; a safe way to save is to rely on remanufactured safety valves. For most industrial uses, remanufactured valves […]

If you’re looking for more business, make our Service Center your first stop.

Our repair service center is designed to keep your customer’s safety and relief valves at peak operating efficiency. And put extra profits in your pocket. North American’s Service Center is […]

Summer Repair Season is Fast Approaching

Offer NASVI’s quick turnaround on repair and testing services. At NASVI, our repair services are designed to keep: Your customer’s safety and relief valves at peak operating efficiency, and Put […]

Doctor Feel Good

For some reason I get asked pretty frequently if I’m a surgeon. Believe me, you don’t want me operating on you. I tell people I’m the Safety Value Doctor because […]

The Fine Line

There’s a fine line between following up with a sales prospect and driving that prospect nuts. By now, you all probably know we’re building a new building. If you have […]

North American Safety Valve’s New Headquarters

We are moving just a few miles east of our current location. Our plans are to be in place by late summer. When Budgets are Tight, Push the Remanufactured Alternative. […]

Repair Season is Here

Offer NASVI’s quick turn-around on repair and testing services. Over the years, our Service Center has proven popular with maintenance managers. It allows your customer’s plant to have their valves […]

TOP 10 Reasons

Why Your Sales Team Should Call NASVI 10 EIGHT DEDICATED APPLICATION ENGINEERS. Your coffee won’t get cold waiting for a quick answer to your problem. 9 EXCHANGE & RENTAL PROGRAMS. […]