Tip or Tariff

In my 46-year career, I have seen the highs and the lows. The biggest low was the early 80s when double-digit inflation caused prices to go up twice a year and interest rates rose to 22%. Then 1983 hit, and the oil crisis really hit our industry. It took two years to start to recover and another five to really get going again. Right now, business is booming but something always comes along to screw things up.

The fear of the TARIFFS has driven prices up twice this year, with a third increase coming in September. Good excuses to raise prices. When we quote you a Kunkle Valve, for example, our system might spit out $147.90 as your cost. I realize many of you think the cents is silly but what are you going to do? I always tell the customer that the cents are my tip but now it is my TARIFF.

Speaking of TARIFFS, this shipping business is outlandish. No LAW says if you don’t follow directions that you have to eat the freight. Everyone makes mistakes and you and/or your customer are entitled to pay a discounted price, but not a total freebie. There is one company in Chicago that expects you to pay them an additional $250.00. Good luck with that one. We send back an acknowledgement with every order. Shouldn’t you be able to catch our mistakes? How about the guy who thought we screwed up and sent a big order prepaid instead of using his carrier? It turns out our carrier was cheaper than his and he didn’t offer to TIP us. Instead he put it in his pocket. TARIFF.

Speaking of TARIFFS, the payment of bills is getting out of hand. In a newsletter three years ago, I advised you to not let the end user get away with murder. Lowest prices, fastest service and slowest pay don’t add up. We bust our butts for you, but if you are high maintenance, you shouldn’t expect to get the same service as the fast bill payer. TARIFF.

Now I have a BIG TIP for you. We will soon have the largest inventory in the country of high-pressure boiler safety valves. It takes eight to nine months for the factory to deliver these valves, which can go up to 2,000 PSIG. If you take this hot TIP to your big end users, it might open all kinds of doors for you. Don’t wait for the guys in the repair business to get there first. There is a TARIFF on these valves but you will be a hero.

If I haven’t said it enough, THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR BUSINESS. Your loyalty is overwhelming at times, and we work hard to keep it.

We strive to be the most responsive vendor you have, and we will try every day to keep it that way. You can always pick up the phone and call. We have a real person answer it. She may not know if it is morning or afternoon but she does answer.

Stay healthy and keep the orders coming.

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