Doctor Feel Good

For some reason I get asked pretty frequently if I’m a surgeon. Believe me, you don’t want me operating on you. I tell people I’m the Safety Value Doctor because when it comes to buying safety valves, I know how to make you feel good.

If there was a poll on what company responds quickly and accurately to customer requests, has the best inventory and ships fast, we would come damned close to the top. We get a lot of praise, and we really appreciate it. Here’s why people like to buy from us.

Last year, we tested 47,000 safety valves. On each one, the final test was witnessed by a fresh pair of eyes. We even back pressure test up to 50 PSIG on all closed cap valves, whether you tell us there is back pressure or not. So if the installer does not use the hex to tighten the valve, we know where the problem lies.

Do we screw up once in awhile? Well, we’re only human. But I can tell you when there is a problem with a valve, we’ll diagnose it and 99.9% of the time it isn’t us. It is either something the customer is doing or something is wrong with their processes that they’re unaware of. This isn’t brain surgery, but a safety valve is a very delicate instrument and one piece of crud can make it leak. If there is a problem, we are here to help solve it. If your customer has extra stringent testing methods, we will do our best to duplicate them. We don’t want a customer to get frustrated and think no one is on his side.

I made a house call to a large OEM that wasn’t getting the deliveries they needed. The Safety Valve Doctor probably saved the day for the manufacturer. The OEM had been looking to replace their current line but couldn’t find an equal, maybe because the competition got tired of calling on them since things really are super tough to get changed. But the Safety Valve Doctor must have made them feel pretty good because they are still buying Kunkle Valves. I tell my people they are only as good as their last personal visit, phone call or mailer.

The Safety Valve Doctor was at our new building when a trucker delivered a package. It was 12 feet long and 4 feet high and 8 inches thick. I couldn’t figure out what we would have ordered that would fit that description. I looked at the bill of lading and told the driver it wasn’t for us. He said just sign for it, stick it in the corner and someone will need it one day. I told him to look at the bill of lading and the pro numbers, which were different. He called his office and they told him it was for someone in Idaho. The doctor strikes again.

The nice thing about dealing with the Safety Valve Doctor is you don’t have to come to me for your safety valves. You can try a new supplier any time you want. But when you have a problem, we’ll be here to diagnose it and fix it.

There was a recent buyout in the industry and many companies are scrambling to pick up new lines. Some of the lines were household names and sold themselves. Remember, a safety valve line is nice to have because it is one line that will sell itself.

The doctor appreciates all the orders you send us. He wishes you nothing but good health and happiness. See you soon in our new building.

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