Dispelling Myths About Remanufactured Valves

Remanufactured valves are often overlooked thanks to misconceptions. As your customers search for efficient and cost-effective solutions for replacing safety valves, here is information to help them separate fact from fiction.

Myth 1: Remanufactured Valves Aren’t Reliable.
Fact: Our remanufactured valves undergo a meticulous 7-step process, ensuring they meet or even exceed the original standards. From thorough inspection to rigorous testing, every aspect of the valve is checked and rechecked for optimal performance.

Myth 2: They Aren’t Safe.
Fact: Remanufactured valves are as safe as their brand-new counterparts. The comprehensive recertification process ensures that every valve is ready to handle its designated tasks without fail.

Myth 3: Remanufactured Means Inferior Quality.
Fact: Quality isn’t sacrificed in the remanufacturing process. Instead, every worn component is either refurbished to its original specification or replaced entirely. The result? A valve that functions like new.

Myth 4: They Don’t Last as Long.
Fact: Our remanufactured valves come with full two-year warranties.

Myth 5: Only Companies on a Tight Budget Go for
Remanufactured Valves.
Fact: While cost-saving is a significant advantage, many companies choose remanufactured valves for their quick availability, especially in situations where downtime can be costly.

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