Our inventory is infinite…or close to it.

Did you know that NASVI has 35,000 safety & relief valves ready to ship at a moment’s notice? Or that warehouse is so huge (63,000 square feet!) we have a 24-foot fan to keep it cool. We ship over 200 valves a day – that’s 1,000 valves a week and like a million shipping labels!*

(*or so it feels.)


Need a safety valve? We have 35,000+ valves in stock. And ship over 200 valves a day!  That’s 1,000 valves a week. And like, a million shipping labels.

This is Aaron, our UPS driver! (*not really Aaron.) He helps us ship valves & parts everywhere: Hawaii, Trinidad, even Australia.

The biggest valve we ever shipped? 3,400 lbs.

Over 50% of our orders ship the same day they’re ordered.

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