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One of the customers recently inquired about the availability of five 4-inch liquid flanged valves. The end user had made a mistake in ordering and was in desperate need of these valves immediately.

They were relieved and pleasantly surprised to find that we did indeed have them on the shelf. We were able to set them and ship them the same day.

After a silent pause, the customer made the remark that he should’ve called us before spending his entire day trying to track them down. His best offer before calling us was a six-week lead time.

When North American Safety Valve opened for business in 1975, it was our belief that this kind of service will get you the order every time. Forty-two years later, with the advent of fax machines, emails, UPS Same Day Delivery, and video conferencing, it seems that the demand for timely service is only getting more competitive. We are aware of this need and strive to deliver it.

North American Safety Valve still feels that customer service is our No. 1 priority and speedy delivery is one component of that service. We pledge to keep our standards of customer service high so you can help your customers meet their deadlines. We thank you for your business and look forward to serving you for the next 42 years.

We’ve built our business on exceeding expectations. Call us.

Ordering Safety Valves

In most cases, your customer will know exactly which valve they need to do the job. If not, our experienced applications engineer will help you and your customer determine the proper valve make and model.

Recommend Remanufactured Valves with Full Confidence.

It’s a growing alternative for customers looking to save money and cut downtime.

Today, many companies are finding when maintenance budgets need to be stretched; a safe way to save is to rely on remanufactured safety valves.

For most industrial uses, remanufactured valves offer excellent availability and are extremely cost effective without compromising quality or safety.

During the remanufacturing process, all valves receive the utmost attention to ensure they meet original specifications. Our quality control program allows our personnel to carefully monitor all steps of the remanufacturing process to assure the highest quality. And all remanufactured valves are guaranteed for two full years on both parts and workmanship.

The biggest difference between remanufactured valves and new OEM valves is the cost — about one-half — and the warranty — two years.

And offering remanufactured valves will increase your sales!

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