Selling in the Face of a Recession

A recession seems to be looming on everyone’s mind lately. If another “expert” predicts one or another large tech company lays off thousands of employees in anticipation of one, I’m going to scream!

I will never understand laying off 10-20% of your workforce, anticipating something may or may not happen. Or if it does happen, what’s to say it’s going to 100% negatively affect business? What happens if your business is one that benefits, like Amazon did from COVID? Then, what if you don’t have the workforce to keep up with demand?

This is what happens when number crunchers run companies instead of operational people. In their minds, if they need to hire people again, so what, no big deal. Do they not understand the costs of training people to fit your company? Can they not fathom the unwillingness of people laid off to not return to work for them since they no longer trust the company?

First, layoffs only manifest people’s worst fears. Second, instead of panicking and cutting their workforce, more companies should learn to pivot and come up with new ways to make money. And, that is where NASVI is ready to help you. Assuming there is a recession or just an overall slowdown of the frenzied buying that has happened over the last two years, how do you keep your sales coming in? Safety valves!

Maybe companies are not wanting to buy new valves like they had been. Maybe no new expansions are planned, but they still need to get their valves recertified per state or insurance inspectors. Some companies have been wasteful, replacing old valves with new valves. They
might soon realize they don’t have the money to buy a new set, but also cannot shut down longenough to send their existing valves in for recertification.

A great alternative is to buy a set of remanufactured valves from us at half the price of new ones. Companies can swap out their valves with the remanufactured valves and send in the old ones in for recertification. Now, they have a backup set and can rotate their sets as recertifcation is needed with no down time.

Also, there might be a plant you’ve had your eye on, but have yet to find a way to work your way in. Now is the time to suggest safety valve recertification. So many valve companies are completely uninterested in plants with only a handful of safety valves, so these plants are ripe for the picking. You can be their solution. You take care of their valves now and are in their lineup, where you can o er them all the other lines and services you handle. Win/win for everyone.

There is no reason to panic when the economy changes, it’s just a matter of coming up with new alternatives that make sense and help you move forward by helping customers move forward. NASVI just marked our 48th anniversary on February 1st and we could not have done it without
you. We appreciate your business, and we look forward to continuing to take care of you and your customers. As always, we hope we are the easiest phone call or email of your day.

Headshot of Andrea Tanis, NASVI Vice President.