Have You Met?

Keith “Tito” Frey, Valve Setter
Meet Tito Frey, a valve setter, who joined NASVI in May 2023. Tito’s experience is a cornucopia. He was a Marine Corps sergeant, specializing in radio, wire and satellite communications and served at Camp Pendleton, Twenty-Nine Palms and Okinawa.

Tito studied business and communications, leading to government and construction roles. This California native found himself in Missouri thanks to a Marine Corps transfer. And, like the story goes… he met a girl and stayed.

It was the pandemic and a friend who led him to NASVI. Tito’s communication contract work had dried up, so on the advice of his friend who recommended NASVI, he applied and learned valve setting on the job. Tito’s adaptability and commitment came in handy as he seamlessly transitioned into this new role.

“I settled in quickly because the people here are great. It made the stress of a new job not so stressful. Our leadership is on point. No indecisiveness. Sound business model, which makes it easy for everyone to find a niche,” shares Tito. “Plus, the incentives. Most companies rarely live up to the hype. NASVI does.

California’s culture is so different from Missouri’s. Tito fits and speaks the universal language of football, cheering on the Chiefs and Niners. Beyond work, he’s a dad, skateboarder, surfer, downhill mountain biker and explorer of the real rivers of Missouri, a big contrast to the dry canals of California.

While he may not be a fan of Missouri’s cold winters, Tito finds ways to keep busy, like visiting historical spots and museums. One thing he might never get used to? Indoor swimming.