Introducing Our Newest Sales Team Member

A.J. Podschwit has an extensive background in industrial sales. In his role as application engineer at North American, he puts it to use every day.

“Customers call with specs, but it usually takes some digging to figure out what they need,” he explained.

Podschwit, who has been with NASVI for a year, appreciates North American’s singular focus on safety valves. “We’re not like a huge building supply store, where it’s hard to find someone with the knowledge to help you,” he said. “We do one thing – safety valves – and we do it very well. With our large inventory, we usually have what customers need in stock and most orders ship the same day. That’s an incredible turnaround for industrial sales.”

When he’s not talking safety valves with customers, Podschwit enjoys spending time with his family. “My whole family is in the Kansas City area. I coached our daughter’s sports team when she was younger, and now I’m coaching my nieces.”

In addition to his strong commitment to family, he also believes in the power of learning. “Safety valves are fairly simple devices, but there is a lot to learn. And that’s what I enjoy about working here. Everyone is knowledgeable and always willing to help. We all take pride in what we do and that’s great.”

Contact our sales team at (800) 800-8882 or and give us a chance to go on the hunt for the valves you need.

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