Crosby Relief Valves: High Quality and Dependable Overpressure Protection

Crosby pressure relief valves have been on the forefront of overpressure protection for more than 140 years. The direct spring-operated safety and pressure relief valves are among the world’s most widely used in oil and gas production and refining, petrochemical and chemical processing, and conventional and nuclear power industries. Crosby pressure relief valves uphold the industry’s most extensive and capable flow facilities for testing gas, liquid, steam and multi-phase applications.

Crosby is part of Emerson’s pressure relief portfolio, a complete range of standard and customized solutions, whatever need you have for overpressure protection.

Emerson is an industry leader in pressure relief valve technology. A single point provider, they offer an extensive product range for reliable performance with lower valve life-cycle costs and unique solutions. Their unrivaled engineering and technical expertise results in pressure management products, application solutions and services that can positively affect your business, safety, operations and the bottom line. Their engineering teams have designed testing equipment and procedures that assure optimum valve performances under all service conditions.

Emerson has an ASME Certified Flow facility in El Campo, TX, USA, which has been the source in continuing many years of product development and industry leadership. Additional testing and research facilities are located in:

  • Mansfield, MA, USA
  • Manchester, UK
  • Korschenbroich, Germany
  • Qingpu, China

Facilities have cryogenic flow testing capabilities down to -320°F / -196°C, and flow steam testing, making them amongst the largest in the world that are used for research, experimentation and control of emissions on relief valves, like Crosby’s.

Featured Technology: Crosby Direct Spring Safety Valves

Direct spring safety valves provide comprehensive overpressure protection for ASME I and ASME VIII off-boiler steam safety applications.

Crosby’s H-Series direct spring-operated safety valves are the trusted and proven solution to thorough overpressure protection for steam safety applications such as economizers, steam drums, superheaters, reheaters and more.

Crosby J-Series Direct Spring Pressure Relief Valves

Crosby’s J-Series valves provide high quality and dependable overpressure protection for air, gas, steam, vapor, liquid and two-phase applications in one simple design.

Crosby Reference Catalogs

Crosby leads the way in pressure relief valve technology. Explore high quality and dependable overpressure protection and phase applications in their catalog of relief valves.

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