Now, THAT is a Testimonial

Several customers have personally told me that NASVI is on their “Top 3 Vendor” list. We really appreciate when you take the time to let us know how good you think NASVI is. It makes the effort our team puts in every day feel worthwhile.

It is nice when people say good things because it is really easy to bitch about things. I make a point to remind myself to tell people how good they are and what a great job they are doing.

I try to take note of people in the real world. In fact, if someone gives a special effort, I might offer him or her a job if we have one open.

For example, NASVI’s Isaac Kostrow was a new college graduate who was working at a bank, working on the weekends at a fancy Kansas City country club, and helping his father out with his antique furniture business. My lawyer was a member of the Kansas City Club, and my wife and I had dinner with him and his wife at the club. His wife was trying to make sure everything was perfect, and she was driving Isaac crazy with demands. He handled it a lot better than I would have. I was so impressed that I asked him for his email address and told him that a position might open up in the near future. Six months later he came aboard, and now he is a key member of our sales team.

There is a young man who works at First Watch, the breakfast/brunch/lunch restaurant, in North Kansas City who busts his butt every day. This guy is all over the place with grace and kindness. He is next on my hiring list.

I also write letters when I think I can help and/or I don’t agree with people. I wrote Presidents Obama and Biden to explain that trickle-down economics do work. If they wanted to see how in action, they needed to come to NASVI.

I have suggested to both President Biden and Kansas City’s new, young mayor, Quinton Lucas, ways to help the economy and the inner city. I have recommended that we steer education back to vocational schools like the U.S. once did and how Germany still does today. Giving free college education is ridiculous. Not everyone is college material, but we still need plumbers, electricians and general repair people.

How can we do more business together?

One way is for you to go online and link to our website, driving more business to us both. You should pull in more business by having the inventory and the facilities of NASVI backing you. When you are your customers’ hero on safety valves, the rest of the pipe, valves and fittings is a snap.

Take our unbranded, 12-page flyer and put your sticker on it as a marketing tool to sell safety valves in the field. Just let us know how many you want.

I hope you have gotten vaccinated and that you did not get too sick from the second poking. It would be nice to get back to pre-COVID times. Life is too short so who needs extra problems? If you have your health, you have everything.

Thank you for your support, loyalty and words of support. We will continue to try and impress you, so you can write to us about how great we are. Now, THAT is a testimonial.

Allen Tanis

Summer 2021 Newsletter

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