Recession in the Pipeline or Not, Remanufactured Valves are No Risk, All Reward

With the possibility of a recession occurring this year, your customers might put off buying new valves. Yet, state or insurance inspectors require them to get their valves recertified. Then, there are the customers who’ve purchased new valves in the past only to realize they have neither the budget to buy a new set nor the luxury of shutting down while their valves go in for recertifcation.

This situation is your way in with customers who’ve shut you out in the past. Why? You can solve their valve problem, whatever it is, with remanufactured valves from us. It’s a no risk, all reward proposition for them, and positions you as the one who helped them pivot and move forward.

No Risk: Every remanufactured valve that passes the tests earns a full two-year warranty, guaranteeing it to be free of material and workmanship defects.

All Reward: Routinely save 50% compared to the cost of a new valve. Choosing remanufactured safety valves means your customers have the best alternative for saving money and minimizing down time. Relying on remanufactured valves makes good sense for most industrial uses. Why? Because they are:

  • Readily available
  • As dependable as new valves
  • Extremely cost effective
  • As safe as new ones


We follow a serious, meticulous 7-step process for optimal safety and performance:

  1. The valve is completely disassembled, placed in the hot tank to remove impurities, and inspected.
  2. Every working part is checked for signs of wear and ability to meet the manufacturer’s tolerances.
  3. Castings are sandblasted and checked for potential defects.
  4. All flanges are faced to a new finish.
  5. All gaskets, bolts and nuts are replaced.
  6. The valve is reassembled and painted.
  7. The valve undergoes a series of tests to verify it meets or exceeds the criteria of a new valve.


Backed by Our Word
If a remanufactured valve doesn’t meet expectations for any reason, within 5 days of receipt and prior to installation, return it for full credit plus shipping and return freight costs.

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