Don’t Wait 36 Weeks for a New Consolidated 1700, 2700 and 1900-P1 Economizer Valve! NASVI Has Them Today.

If you’re searching for a new Consolidated 1700 Series Maxiflow™ safety valve, or the 2700 and 1900-P1 Series economizer valves, look no further than NASVI. We’re the only company in the U.S. stocking them, and they are ready to ship.

Otherwise, there is a 36-week lead time to get one from Consolidated’s factory.

About the 1700 Series Maxiflow Valve:

Consolidated’s 1700 series Maxiflow valves are used extensively in sub-critical, drum-type boilers and super-critical, once-through boilers in the power generation and paper industries.

Key applications include:

∙ Boiler
∙ Steam Turbine Generator
∙ Reactor Building
∙ Turbine Building
∙ Steam Turbine
∙ Heat Recovery Steam Generator

These valves feature side rod construction to provide extreme temperature compensation for thermal expansion of the body and a more consistent spring load. The thermodisc’s thin, flexible design creates repeatable seat tightness, while the cover plate proves faster full lift by rapid venting.

The Type 1700 Maxiflow Safety Valve is available with a flanged outlet and either a flanged or buttwelded inlet. Other variations include a thrust bearing assisted compression screw for high-pressure valves, a spring cover and a lifting gear cover for outdoor installations. All export and weld inlet valves are shipped with a hydro plug for protecting the internal parts of the valve and to provide a means for the end-user to hydrostatically test the system without damaging the disc or nozzle seats.

The Type 1700 Maxiflow safety valve represents the state of the art in pressure relief products. This is critical considering the safety valve is the final safeguard between a controlled boiler and a catastrophic explosion. Improving a plant’s efficiency is icing on the cake.

For a field-proven valve that provides optimum boiler overpressure protection, Consolidated’s 1700 series Maxiflow’s design has been proven in hundreds of installations worldwide.

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