When the Old Way is a Better Way

Can someone explain why streaming TV is better than good-old cable TV? I do not understand. I have five different streaming services. Streaming was marketed as being much less expensive than cable. If I added up the fees, I’m sure they are way more expensive than one cable service used to cost. But honestly, the cost isn’t what annoys me most. It’s the fact that cable was more convenient. With cable, I had hundreds of channels at my fingertips. I could scroll and see everything until I found something I wanted to watch. Now, I must exit one app, open another, scroll and see if there is anything to watch.

Sure, it’s great to binge watch a show without having to wait each week for a new episode. But, I finish the season and have to wait a year for a new season. There was something fun about the anticipation that lasted months of a new episode each week.

The biggest offense is the fact that streaming services were marketed as ad free. What a great concept! Except it was a lie. They’re available ad free if you want to pay even more. If you want to pay a reasonable price, you are back to ads—just like cable television. So, I ask why is streaming so great? I would prefer all channels in one place like the old days.

In all the good ways, NASVI is like cable TV, but for safety valves. We handle all the brands in one place, so you never have to worry about finding which company has what. Just one call to us, and we will take care of you.

While we have the largest inventory of Kunkle valves in the country, it’s not all we handle. If you need a different manufacturer, no problem, we can get you that valve.

There are so many end users who do not want to make piping modifications, or they cannot change manufacturers because of the paperwork involved. That’s completely understandable. We can get you the valve they need. If it’s an obsolete valve, we can cross to a current valve as close to the obsolete one as possible.

The nice thing about our 48-year history of specializing in safety relief valves is that we have all the obsolete valves’ catalogs and cut sheets. This way, we know what your customer currently has, and can come up with a solution for them moving forward. Plus, you can be confident you are giving your customer the best options. And if nothing else, we have Allen who has honestly forgotten more about relief valves than I might ever know. His knowledge is just amazing, and we’re blessed to have him as a resource.

As we head into fall, the holidays aren’t far behind. While this time of year can feel stressful, embrace time with family and loved ones. If work is a little crazy, we are a phone call or email away and can take a little stress off your plate. I love when a customer calls with a long shot that we can help with. Two minutes later they say, “Wow. That was easy.” It makes my day. As always, thank you for your continued support!

Especially now when we’re all grown up, I wish you an amazing fall and hope you find a few carefree moments this season. Enjoy the cooler days and spending time with friends and family. If there is one thing I’ve learned over the last year, life is short so enjoy the time you have with the ones you love.

As always, thank you for your support. It truly means the world to me and all the NASVI family. Have a great fall! Call us.

Headshot of Andrea Tanis, NASVI Vice President.