Summer Loves and Corny One-Liners

Can you believe it’s summertime already? I love summer! Is there anything better than smelling fresh cut grass while sitting out on the patio on a warm night? I can think of only one thing I don’t love about summer. Mosquitos, I could do without those. I love the long days. I love the extra vitamin D that helps everyone’s moods. People just seem nicer in the summer and in less of a rush.

In winter, we all hide out in our homes not wanting to face the cold, but summer rolls around and we come out of hibernation to reconnect with friends and family again. Okay, maybe that’s a little dramatic but that’s how it feels to me.

The boys of summer. Here in Kansas City where our team has been historically horrible for the last several years (How horrible you ask? Back-to-back 100+ loss seasons.), people still show up at the stadium. There is just something so innately summer about going to a ball game for Dollar Nights and Friday fireworks. I think baseball can make you feel like a kid again. For a few hours, you forget any stress and just enjoy a game.  The thrill of a home run and how it can change the outcome in a single swing of the bat. At least this year, it looks like our baseball team might be competitive, which means we do not have to fixate on our football team before training camp has even started.

Despite all the things we love about summer, work does not stop. Even for baseball, patio dinners or daydreaming about being 10 years old again, romping around the neighborhood with friends and coming home for dinner when it got dark.

Sure, summer should be a time to enjoy our families and taking fun vacations, but emergencies will happen. Instead of letting your customers’ emergencies ruin your summer, just call us to help.

We have the hard-to-find, long-lead-time valves in stock so your customers can get back up and running quickly. And you can enjoy summer without a care in the world. If you need ten 6×10 valves in two weeks, you got them. Do you need a Consolidated Maxiflow valve for a down power plant? We have those, too. Do you need a valve out the same day? No problem. We’re here to help you hit a home run with your customer.

Okay, enough corny one-liners from me.

I truly wish you an amazing summer, and I hope you get time to relax and really enjoy it. Life is too short, and time really does fly by so embrace the good times with those you love.