You Didn’t Cause the Supply Chain Problems, You Just Solve Them

Valve manufacturers are not immune from the supply chain issues plaguing most industries right now. It’s predicted that it will take some time for shipping channels to be adjusted. NASVI can’t solve every problem your customers are experiencing, but we do have solutions that will mitigate their issues and make you a rock star.

Our Warehouse Shelves are Stocked with 35,000 New Valves

That’s 3,000+ varieties of new safety & relief valves from the world’s best names ready to ship. When there are unknowns involved, our experienced applications engineers guide you to the right valve make and model.

Our Service Center and Mobile Unit Service Valves

Our repair capabilities keep your customers’ safety and relief valves in peak operating efficiency, minimizing downtime and saving money. Our factory-trained personnel spot potential problems and recommend the most economical ways to solve them.

Our service center:

  • Updates valves to the latest design standards when necessary.
  • Upgrades valves using only genuine factory standard parts to assure maximum reliability and long life.
  • Stands behind our serviced valves with a one-year standard warranty.
  • Holds ASME’s V & UV stamps and National Board’s NB & VR stamps.

Our mobile repair unit:

This self-contained repair shop and testing unit brings valve repair and resetting during scheduled maintenance shutdowns to your customer. Completed safety valve field work will carry the VR stamp.

A state-of-the-art, computerized lift-assist testing unit allows for testing set pressures and resetting high-pressure safety valves in the field. This makes it possible to test valves that are welded in-line or stationery without removing the valves.

Our Remanufactured Valves are a Reliable Alternative

Lower prices, reliable performance and quick availability make remanufactured valves a smart choice for most industries. Our personnel follow a strict quality control program, carefully monitoring each step of the remanufacturing process. All remanufactured valves carry a two-year parts and workmanship guarantee.

Our Exchange and Rental Programs Make Repairs and Replacements Easier

Our exchange program eliminates the capital commitment of stocking back-up valves and the risk of excessive downtime due to unavailability from supply chain issues. We can customize a program to your customers’ timelines.

Our valve rental program is perfect when customers can’t afford a shutdown or have valves that need repair, but too few of them to justify on-site service. Before a shutdown, we ship valves to your customers in advance. The old valves are sent to our service center for repair, testing and reset. After service, the valves are shipped back, replacing the rented valves.