More Companies Look for Alternatives to Save Money and Cut Down Time.

Offer North American’s remanufactured safety valves as an alternative and watch your sales grow.

Many companies have found that it makes sense to rely on remanufactured safety valves. For most industrial uses, remanufactured valves offer excellent availability and are extremely cost effective without compromising quality or safety.

Now you can be part of this growing trend by offering remanufactured steel flanged safety valves with full confidence. We have the facilities and extensive experience in all areas of safety valve repair and remanufacturing.

When we remanufacture a safety valve, we:
1. Completely disassemble the valve. Clean and inspect it.
2. Check every working part for signs of wear to ensure each part meets the manufacturer’s tolerances.
3. Sand blast castings and check for possible defects.
4. Face all flanges to a new finish.
5. Replace all gaskets, bolts and nuts.
6. Each safety valve is then reassembled and painted.
7. Subject the remanufactured safety valve to a series of tests ensuring it meets or exceeds new valve criteria.
Only then does it receive our full two-year warranty.

What does a customer gain from using remanufactured safety valves?
Three things:
Value. Savings of 50% aren’t unusual.
Assurance. Every remanufactured valve is guaranteed for two years to be free of defects in material and workmanship.
Faster delivery. Same-day shipping is the rule – not the exception.

How can remanufactured valves increase sales?

Add it up. A remanufactured valve from North American means your customer is back in production faster … for fewer dollars … with full confidence.

Think of the times you’ve missed a valve sale because of price, availability or delivery. Now you can offer that customer a choice – a solid, safe and sensible choice.

Drip Pan Elbows Can Add Extra Profit!

Add extra profit to your next steam application sale by recommending drip pan elbows. Most safety valve manufacturers recommend installing drip pan elbows on the discharge side of all steam safety valves. North American Safety Valve stocks cast-iron drip pan elbows from ¾” to 8”.

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