Recommend Remanufactured Safety Valves with Full Confidence

A popular alternative for customers looking to save money and cut downtime.

Today, many companies are finding when maintenance budgets need to be stretched; a safe way to save is to rely on remanufactured safety valves. Your customer will be back in production faster … for fewer dollars … with full confidence.

For most industrial uses, remanufactured valves offer excellent availability and are extremely cost effective without compromising quality or safety.

During the remanufacturing process, all valves receive the utmost attention to ensure they meet original specifications. Our quality control program allows our personnel to carefully monitor all steps of the remanufacturing process to assure the highest quality. And all remanufactured valves are guaranteed for two full years on both parts and workmanship.

The biggest difference between remanufactured valves and new OEM valves is the cost – about one-half – and the warranty – two years.

Think of the times you’ve missed a valve sale because of price, availability or delivery. Now you can offer that customer a choice – a solid, safe and sensible choice. The remanufactured alternative.

And offering remanufactured valves will increase your sales!

Behind Our Service

When Donny Gasca became an applications engineer in February 2018, he’d already been at North American for almost 14 years.

“I worked in the shop before taking this position,” he said. “During that time, I’d done every job back there, so I knew quite a bit about the valves themselves.”

Since moving to the customer-facing side, however, he’s added to his knowledge in a different way.

“I have a much better idea of how important safety valves really are,” he explained. “When something goes wrong, safety valves can prevent a lot of damage downstream. My new role has shown me the business from a completely different perspective.”
Although he describes himself as a “pretty quiet guy,” Donny enjoys the phone contact his new position requires, particularly when it involves solving a problem and a quick turnaround.

“I get calls from a distributor and it’s an emergency. They need the valve tomorrow morning. We have so many valves in stock, I can get the order filled and shipped to meet the deadline,” he said. “Then I get an email thanking us for the great service, and that feels pretty good.”

When he’s not handling rush orders for NASVI customers, Donny likes spending time with his 11-year-old daughter and traveling.

As he continues to settle into his new role at NASVI, Donny intends to keep expanding his understanding of customer needs and safety valves.

“I’m really happy in this position and so glad I have this opportunity. I never want to stop learning.”

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