Summer Repair Season is Fast Approaching

Offer NASVI’s quick turnaround on repair and testing services.

At NASVI, our repair services are designed to keep:

  • Your customer’s safety and relief valves at peak operating efficiency, and
  • Put extra profits in your pocket.

Over the years, our Service Center has proven popular with maintenance managers. It allows your customer’s plant to have their valves repaired, serviced and set quickly, which minimizes downtime. They also like the service because it saves them money. You’re already calling on the maintenance people; why not offer an additional service. NASVI handles all the logistics and you increase your sales.

NASVI’s Service Center is equipped to handle any safety valve repair. Our factory-trained service personnel spot potential problems and recommend the most economical ways to solve them.

We maintain specifications on nearly every safety valve ever made—allowing technicians to make repairs to exact specifications. The center has eight lathes on site, so technicians can restore tolerances on existing parts in quick order. If a part cannot be restored, it can generally be replaced from our extensive parts inventory. Once repairs are complete, valves are tested and then set at one of nine, fully equipped test stations. The boiler is on every day for testing steam valves. It’s always ready, allowing us to set and ship your valves fast.

Our repair service also includes updating the valve to the latest design standard when necessary. All valves serviced in our repair facility carry a one-year standard warranty. NASVI holds ASME’s V and UV stamps and National Board’s NB and VR stamps. The next time you get questions about repairing or upgrading safety or relief valves, give one of our application engineers a call.

It has always been a point of pride for the staff in the Service Center to get valves set, tested and out the door ahead of the requested ship date. With NASVI’s Service Center, you can maximize your customer’s uptime while saving them both time and money. Make our Service Center your service center. One call to NASVI will provide quick solutions to all your repair needs. An application engineer will work directly with you to customize a program to meet your customer’s needs.

NASVI Makes Selling Safety Valves Easy!

Call us for assistance. We are here to help. Our goal is to make it easy for you to profit from the sales of safety and relief valves. Our expertise comes from taking care of our customers for over 43 years. And our large inventory allows us to offer same day shipment from stock on every valve Kunkle makes.

We are focused.

The sole responsibility of our dedicated application engineers is to take care of your requirements. We will help you with sales planning, product selection and after-sale service when needed. We will even provide you with catalogs that have no reference to NASVI. Place your company’s sticker on it and you’ll have your own safety valve catalog to pass out to your customers … and it costs you nothing. Our commitment is to you. If you need a part or require maintenance assistance, we know better than anyone how to help.

Our valuable advice is free and as close as your phone. So the next time your customer calls and needs a safety or relief valve, call a NASVI Application Engineer. They’ll have a quick answer on price, availability and shipment. After all, we’ve built our business on relationships and we do everything we can to make doing business with us easy.
When it comes to selling safety valves, you don’t have to stock anything. Simply call 1-800-800-8882 or visit us on the web at We’ll make it easy for you!

Customer Got a Tight Turnaround?

Suggest a NASVI Value Exchange Program.

If your customer has several safety valves in need of repair but can’t afford to shut down for lengthy repairs, there’s an easy solution: A Valve Exchange Program.

Before a maintenance shutdown, we ship the needed safety valves to the customer in advance. The old valves are then shipped to us for repair. After servicing, the valves are set and shipped back to the customer for use during their next scheduled maintenance shutdown.

As with our new valves, computer-aided ordering and parts inventory ensure a fast, reliable turnaround for your customer’s safety valves.

Check with your Application Engineer for details on how a Valve Exchange Program can work for you and your customers.

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