The next time they ask for a new safety valve fast, call NASVI!

Not a week goes by that at least one caller asks, “Do you know where I can get new safety valves?” We always answer yes. Then we ask them the kind of valve they need, its set pressure and where they want it shipped. The response is always the same. “I didn’t know NASVI had new safety valves.”

Yes, NASVI has new safety valves. In fact, we have the largest inventory and selection of safety and relief valves in the country. And most can be set and shipped the same day from our centrally located warehouse and repair facility.

We do our best to have the right valves in stock and available for immediate shipment. Most companies base their inventory on the principle of having some every day, regular items and making the customer wait for anything out of the ordinary.

Our view? Selling from an empty wagon is an empty promise. So on our shelves you’ll find safety valves from 1/4” up to 12” in brass/bronze, carbon steel, stainless steel, and even some hard-to-find metals like Hastelloy and Monel.

In addition to our large inventory of new valves, we also offer remanufactured valves. These are available at a substantial discount, which makes them a high quality and higher profit option. Most of our remanufactured inventory is carbon or stainless steel flanged valves.

And there’s still another option — our reliable on-site repair facility. All in all, you’re able to give your customers maximum choice when you call on us.

The next time your customer asks if you can get a new safety valve fast, give us a call. You’ll impress him with a good price and you can promise that fast delivery he wanted.

Offer The Remanufactured Alternative & Look Like A Genius!

In the past few years, many companies have found that it makes sense to rely on remanufactured safety valves. For most industrial uses, remanufactured valves offer excellent availability and are extremely cost effective without compromising quality or safety.

Now you can be part of this growing trend by offering remanufactured steel flanged safety valves. We have the facilities and extensive experience in all areas of safety valve repair and remanufacturing.

During the remanufacturing process, all valves receive the utmost attention to ensure they meet original specifications. Our quality control program allows our personnel to carefully monitor all steps of the remanufacturing process to assure the highest quality. And all remanufactured valves are guaranteed for two full years on both parts and workmanship.

As with our new valves, computer-aided ordering and parts inventory ensure a fast, reliable turnaround for remanufactured valves.

The only differences between remanufactured valves and new OEM valves is the cost – about one-half – and the warranty – two years.

To learn more about remanufactured valves and how they can work in your customer’s applications, call a NASVI application engineer today.

We’re here to help you profit from selling safety valves.

Recently we got a call from a distributor’s salesman. He was in a customer’s office and he got a safety valve question he couldn’t answer. The customer wanted to know why some new valves come with two nameplates and the words “repaired by” on one.

He gave NASVI a call. His application engineer had the answer. One is the original manufacturer’s nameplate. The second “repaired by” plate will be stamped with the VR symbol of the National Board. The National Board considers anything done to a valve “new or used” that will affect the pressure setting, function or capacity of a repair. This also includes replacing any integral part (such as changing a spring). Therefore, a VR symbol nameplate is applied to any coded new valve that is reset by someone who does not hold assemblers stamps for that valve. This is a confusing and misleading system. However, this is done to ensure the code integrity of the valve.

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