Kingston Safety Valves Stands for Over a Century of Reliability in Industrial Valves

Since 1908, Kingston Valves has been designing and building high-quality and reliable industrial valves for various industries. With over a century of experience, Kingston is a renowned valve manufacturer.

Types of Valves for Different Applications

Kingston offers a wide range of soft and hard seat brass and stainless-steel safety valves. These valves are engineered to meet the specific needs of different industrial applications, ensuring efficiency and reliability in operation. Whether it’s for process control, steam-fired autoclave sterilizers, hyperbaric therapy chambers, fire suppression, compressed air systems and dryers, or food & beverage equipment, Kingston has a valve that is suitable for the job.

Quality Certification and Industry-Specific Standards

Kingston Valves has a Quality System that is ASME certified, as well as other industry-specific certifications, ensuring that each valve meets the strict quality and performance standards required for various applications. Specifically, the designs meet global and local codes and standards (ASME Section I & XIII, API 527, CE, CRN, and ISO 9001).

Why Choose Kingston Safety Valves?

Kingston’s wide range of valves, expertise in valve manufacturing, and strict quality control make them an excellent choice for businesses in need of reliable and efficient industrial valves. Their valves are designed to meet the specific needs of different industries, ensuring that clients receive the right valve for the job. Additionally, Kingston’s commitment to quality and compliance with industry standards guarantees that their valves are safe and reliable for their intended use.

Considering Kingston as Your Valve Manufacturer?

Kingston Valves has a long history of engineering high-quality safety and relief valves, making them a trusted brand. A full range of valves, compliance with industry-specific standards, and commitment to quality and performance make them an excellent choice. Kingston Valves provides clients with long-term solutions for several industries, applications, environments and media.

NASVI is a Kingston Valve Distributor