Home Sweet Home

The Taj is looking good, and we’re still making a few adjustments to make it even better.

We got a surprise in the mail from the city. They want $1,600 for the hookup to their water main for our fire sprinkler system. What a joke. It was a city requirement that we have a sprinkler system and now we have to pay every year for the right to have water in case we have a fire. We were told that if we had a fire that the water would be free. Let’s hope we don’t have to find out if that is true or not.

That would be like us charging per inquiry just in case you get an order.

I drove 2,200 miles down to our house in Ixtapa, Mexico, and I had the F150 serviced before we left: Four new tires put on, brakes checked, new battery, oil change, etc. The next morning, my right front tire was flat. I filled it up with air and bubble tested all the tires. The pin was not replaced and it leaked. All the tires were under inflated.

On the trip back, we started out in rush hour traffic in a city eight hours from the border. I hit the brakes and my red brake warning light came on. Just what I needed before crossing two mountain ranges to get to the USA. I haven’t had a chance to take it in yet to hear their excuse about the brakes.

You won’t hear any excuses from us.

When we repair safety valves, we take them completely apart and all the parts are measured and tested. If there is a problem, it usually is not us or the valve. A safety valve is a very delicate instrument, and it can hold for 500 pops or it can leak after one if a bunch of debris gets up into the valve. We warranty the workmanship and parts, not the debris.

Taking on our line is easy. You don’t have to worry that we’ll dump you due to an ownership change, poor sales, etc. There was a recent ownership change at Crosby, Anderson Greenwood, Kunkle, Yarway, and Varec. The new ownership went with their reps for most of the product line and reps who had the line for 65 years were dumped. OUCH. We can compete with the big boys. Don’t be afraid to go to the larger accounts for business. It keeps everyone on their toes.
Some things change over time. Some for the better. No more telex machine, and the fax is slowly going bye-bye. With emails being so popular we don’t get to talk to you as much. This is not a good thing in my opinion, and we miss you. Give us a call every now and then, okay?

Thank you for your friendship and loyalty all these years. We hope we have earned it and that we will continue to make your lives easier. Please stay happy and healthy.

One last thing: My heart goes out to a good customer in Detroit who is in ICU. Best wishes to him. I’ve said it before: if you have your health, you have everything.

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