Anderson Greenwood

Whatever the Application, Count on Anderson Greenwood’s High-Pressure Relief, Tank Protection and Instrumentation Relief Valves

Anderson Greenwood pressure relief valves set the industry standard for repeatable service and long service life. Anderson Greenwood’s broad product offerings for both standard and specialized installations. Greenwood products’ unrivaled application expertise, quality, and availability provides for complete valve solutions in the oil and gas, chemical, power generation, and refining industries.

Anderson Greenwood Reference Catalogs

#60-80 Direct Spring Operated Pressure Relief Valves Series
Premium performance direct spring operated pressure relief valves featuring special internals and soft seats to deliver optimum, accurate performance.

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#200/400/500/700/800 Pilot Operated Relief Valves
Premium performance and advanced technology for overpressure protection.

#5200 Pilot Operated Pressure Relief Valves
A modulating pilot operated pressure relief valve for economizer applications that meets the stringent requirements of ASME Section I at high temperatures.

Anderson Greenwood Pressure Relief Valve Basics

Anderson Greenwood pilot operated pressure relief valves provide advanced, reliable and efficient overpressure protection. These valves are designed for a wide range of applications, from simple to the most complicated service conditions. A pressure relief valve is a type of safety valve designed to protect equipment and pressure vessels from over-pressurization. It protects the system and keeps the people operating the device safely in an overpressure event or equipment failure.

How does a pressure relief valve work?

A pressure relief valve is manufactured to withstand a maximum allowable working pressure (MAWP). When an overpressure event happens, the pressure relief valve detects high pressure beyond its design’s specified capability. The pressure relief valve discharges the extra fluid or gas to flow from an auxiliary passage away from the system.

They’re instrumental in applications, including oil and gas, power generation like central heating systems, and multi-phase applications in refining and chemical processing, where proper pressure levels are essential for correct and safe operation.