Take the Mystery Out of Ordering Safety Valves

Ever feel like ordering safety valves is like trying to crack a top-secret code? Fear not, safety valve sleuths. With our five-step guide, you’ll become a master, ordering safety valves with ease and confidence.

Step 1: Identify the Media

The first clue is identifying the media the valve will handle. Is it steam, air or liquid? Knowing the media helps narrow down the type of valve you need.

Step 2: Determine the Set Pressure

Next, you need to determine the set pressure, which is the pressure at which the valve will open. This crucial piece of information ensures the system operates safely and efficiently.

Step 3: Specify the Temperature

Temperature is another vital clue. The operating temperature of your system helps narrow down the right valve material and design.

Step 4: Select the Valve Type and Material

Whether you need a bronze valve for corrosion resistance or a stainless steel valve for high durability, matching the material to your application ensures long-lasting performance.

Step 5: Note the Connection Type

The connection type is the final piece of the puzzle. From threaded, flanged or welded connections, getting this right ensures your valve fits seamlessly into the system.

Mystery Solved?

By following these steps, you can solve the mystery of ordering safety valves. No more confusion, no more guesswork—just straightforward, confident ordering.

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