Have Big Truck. Will Travel.

Some heroes arrive on white horses. Some save the day in a fire truck or squad car. And some fly in on a spider web or glass jet. NASVI’s heroes roll in in our Big Truck, our self-contained repair shop and mobile testing unit, saving the day with on-site service.
Have Big Truck. Will Travel.

When time is of the essence, safety is at stake or a valve just can’t leave the facility, our experts have all the equipment they need at their fingertips. The rig comes with:

• A sand blaster
• Compressor
• Lathe
• Mill/drill press
• Lapping stones necessary to perform the highest-caliber repairs.
• A Consolidated® seat-resurfacing machine with adapters for every orifice in the Maxi-Flow® boiler line
• Just to name a few…

Testing and Repair in the Field
The Big Truck also includes a state-of-the-art computerized lift-assist unit for testing set pressures and resetting high-pressure safety valves. The testing unit allows us to test welded down or stationary valves without having to remove them. Using the lift-assist testing unit, safety valves can be reset after repairs are made while the valves are online.

Plus, all safety valve repair work carries the VR stamp.

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