Under Pressure? A Kunkle Valve Order Takes Just Minutes

When you sell safety valves, your customers are under pressure to get what they need fast. That’s why NASVI stocks the largest selection of Kunkle Valves for a variety of applications and services. We have thousands in stock, ready for next or same-day shipping including:

The 6000 Series
Bronze safety valves for:

  • Steam
  • Air
  • Non-Hazardous Gas Service

Sizes: 1/2 to 2-1/2 inch

The 900 Series
Bronze, steel and stainless safety relief valves for:

  • Air
  • Gas
  • Steam
  • Liquid
  • Vacuum service

The 300 & 600 Series
Steel safety valves for:

  • Steam
  • Air
  • Non-Hazardous Gas Service

Sizes: 1 ¼ to 6 inch

Whether you know exactly the valve you want or have questions, just contact our sales department. You’ll have a quote within minutes and even a shipping/tracking number.


Avoid Downtime After Annual Tank Water Heater Inspections

Water heater temperature and pressure relief valves, otherwise known as T&P valves, are a safety feature found on all tank water heaters. Bronze automatic temperature and pressure relief valves are used for protection of high capacity commercial hot water heaters and storage tanks. The valve should be kept in good working order to ensure the water heater remains safe in the event of extreme pressure buildup.

T&P valves are designed to open temporarily and discharge short spurts of water when the temperature exceeds about 210°F, and they release pressure if the tank gets above 150 psi.

Every T&P valve should be tested annually to make sure it operates correctly. If it doesn’t, pressure could build up inside the tank and become a serious safety hazard, not to mention cause down time. Leaky valves or valves that show signs of corrosion or scaling should be immediately replaced.

The Apollo 18-C-500 Series by Conbraco

Should a T&P valve need replaced, count on NASVI. We carry Conbraco’s Apollo 18-C-500 series.

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