NASVI Welcomes New Sales Team Member

Kolby Gabbert has been with North American for nearly a year, and compared to many NASVI employees, he’s still a newcomer. Kolby is an application engineer and enjoys the customer contact that it involves.

“I deal mostly with distributors and talk to some of them quite often,” he explained. “And I’m starting to build strong relationships with our customers.

“All my work experience has involved inside sales and solving problems for customers,” he noted. “I enjoy working through complicated requests, finding the correct valves for the application, sending out quotes and then delivering exactly what they need.”

But before he began helping customers, the Sedalia, Mo. native received a thorough grounding on the ins and outs of safety valves.

“I spent several weeks in the shop, first in disassembly – tearing down the valves – then on to other areas. I worked at every station in the shop,” Kolby said. “It really helped me translate what the computer says on the front end and understand the back end of the process.

“The long-time employees have been really helpful. They point out I’m spoiled because I started after the new building was completed.”

In his spare time, Kolby enjoys soccer, biking and hiking. “I’m a soccer fanatic,” he said. “I played soccer in college. I’m a Sporting KC season ticket holder and still play four times a week.”

For the future, Kolby’s goal is clear: Continue delivering the fast, accurate and knowledgeable service NASVI has always been known for.

Contact our sales team at (800) 800-8882 or and give us a chance to go on the hunt for the valves you need.

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