Have You Met Peggy Lancaster, Administrative Ace and Dog Whisperer?

Peggy Lancaster isn’t just an administrative assistant at NASVI, she’s been the heart and soul of our daily operations for 29 years come this November. Peggy graces us with her upbeat personality and cheerful attitude, as well as turned multitasking into an art form. From answering phones to taming the chaos of invoicing, she keeps the NASVI ship sailing smoothly.

However, Peggy’s talents don’t stop at paperwork and phone calls; she’s also a hero of the canine kind! Enter Daisy, rescued from a country road. No collar. No tags. An old microchip from a puppy mill. No neighbors recognized her. No one claiming her on social media.

Peggy grew up with beagles and adopted Daisy—who suffered a horrific ear infection, overgrown nails and malnourishment—and all her little quirks, like being finicky about her beds and turning them upside down before settling in for the night. Unwilling to leave Daisy alone all day, Peggy “drives Miss Daisy” to NASVI most days where she roams the offices, getting belly rubs and treats.

Daisy is thriving at home and work with Peggy. Probably for the same reasons Peggy has remained with NASVI for nearly 30 years. “I’ve stayed with the company because it feels like family. Everyone gets along and it’s a small and relaxed environment. My favorite part of my position is that I’m always busy, plus I enjoy talking to people from all over. Some I’ve spoken to so much over the years that I feel like I know them though we’ve never met,” Peggy says.

That’s not to say Peggy doesn’t enjoy her time off, planning exotic tropical beach vacations, spending time with her three kids and grandchildren and keeping up with cherished childhood friends.