Safety Valves Exceed Your Expectations and Lower Operation Costs in Industrial and Commercial Applications

Kunkle Relief Valve Overview
When it comes to industrial and commercial safety and relief valve products, Kunkle’s valve’s catalog is second to none in steam, air, gas, and liquid applications.

Kunkle relief valves range in size from ¼” NPT to 6” flange and are suitable in cryogenic and high temperatures up to 800°F environments at vacuum to 7,500 psig pressure. Kunkle Valve’s code certifications meet several global and national board standards, including ASME Section I, Section IV, and Section VIII, PED, CRN, TU and Chinese, as well as non-code requirements.

Relief Valves for Steam Service
Steam supplies heat for industrial and chemical processes and also is used to heat buildings, supply mechanical energy, and drive mechanical equipment. Steam moves from the boiler to the end point, then heats by direct heating or indirect heating through a heat exchanger. Kunkle steam relief valves are critical to protecting equipment such as boilers, steam lines, and pressure valves, from being over-pressurized.

Relief Valves for Air Service
Kunkle designs valves for air service, for example for air compressors in mechanical shops and small factories where either low-pressure or high-pressure air is required. NASVI stocks Kunkle relief valves for air service in iron, steel and bronze for a variety of uses.

Relief Valves for Liquid Service
Kunkle also makes valves for liquid service, which provide bypass relief in a variety of applications and liquid types.

More About Kunkle
Kunkle Valve is a renowned pressure relief valve manufacturer. Erastus B. Kunkle invented the safety valve to prevent overpressure in locomotive engines. Kunkle patented it in 1875. Since that time, Kunkle has earned its reputation for high-quality valves, and other equipment manufacturers ship their products with Kunkle’s valves pre-installed.

NASVI has stocked Kunkle safety relief valves since we opened in 1975, so we are confident when we call ourselves Kunkle safety valve experts. Every day we fulfill orders for our customers looking for Kunkle relief valves for steam, air, gas, and liquid applications.