"Apollo®" Valves: Supplying the Commercial & Industrial Valve Markets Since 1928

After leading as a manufacturer of American-made flow control products, like backflow, PVC check valves and PVC ball valves since 1928, Conbraco became known as “Apollo.” In the industry, Apollo valves are recognized by their signature yellow handles.

Apollo valves are designed, engineered, cast, machined, assembled, and tested in ISO-registered, state-of-the-art facilities in the Carolinas. In fact, about 95% of Apollo’s backflow and valve products are made in the USA. At their foundries, they cast 81 bronze, 85 bronze, lead-free bronze, carbon steel, low-temp carbon steel, stainless steel, low-carbon stainless steel, alloy 20, Hastelloy “C,” nickel, nickel-copper alloys, and titanium.

Apollo’s vertical manufacturing integration assures better quality control, better cost control, and the shortest delivery lead times possible for their range of ball valves and 3-way ball valves, check valves, needle valves, automation products, safety relief valves, backflow preventers, and plumbing/heating products.

More About Apollo Valves
Two Detroit-based manufacturers of brass valves and fittings merged in 1928, forming Consolidated Brass Company and Conbraco Industries was created. Conbraco Industries, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of American Made flow control products for U.S. and International Markets. In 2005, all products were brought under the Apollo name, of which NASVI stocks hot water safety release valves, bronze high capacity commercial T&P valves, low pressure steam heating boiler safety valves, low pressure air relief valves, and bronze safety valves.

Constantly developing and introducing new products, and focusing on superior problem-solving initiatives, Apollo Valves continues to produce top quality and reliable solutions.

As a Valve Distributor, NASVI Proudly Offers These Apollo (formerly Conbraco) Products:

#10-600 High capacity hot water boiler safety relief
#18C-500 Bronze high capacity commercial T&P
#10 Hot water boiler safety relief valves
#12-200 Low pressure steam heating boiler safety; medium capacity
#13 Low pressure steam heating boiler safety valves
#14-400/500 Low pressure air relief
#14-200 Low pressure steam heating safety valves; one piece body, all bronze construction
#14-600 Vacuum relief
#19 Bronze safety valve
#10-322/512 OEM style steam safety valves
#29 OEM style bronze safety valve

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