If They’re Talking Tight Budgets, You Talk the Remanufactured Alternative.

Today, many companies are finding when maintenance budgets need to be stretched; a safe way to save is to rely on remanufactured safety valves.

For most industrial uses, remanufactured valves offer excellent availability and are extremely cost effective without compromising quality or safety.

During the remanufacturing process, all valves receive the utmost attention to ensure they meet original specifications. Our quality control program allows our personnel to carefully monitor all steps of the remanufacturing process to assure the highest quality. And all remanufactured valves are guaranteed for two full years on both parts and workmanship.

As with our new valves, computer-aided ordering and parts inventory ensure a fast, reliable turnaround for remanufactured valves.

The biggest difference between remanufactured valves and new OEM valves is 1) the cost—about one-half the price—and 2) the warranty, which is twice as long—a full two years.

To learn more about remanufactured valves and how they can work in your customer’s applications, call an application engineer today.

By offering remanufactured valves, you will increase sales!

When your customer mentions budgets are tight, suggest the solid alternative. A remanufactured valve from North American.

Your customer will be back in production faster … for fewer dollars … with full confidence. Think of the times you’ve missed a valve sale because of price, availability or delivery. Now you can offer that customer a choice—a solid, safe and sensible choice. The remanufactured alternative.

NASVI’s Field Service Unit Delivers Valve Testing and Repair to your Customer’s Location.

If you have prospects or customers that bought their replacement valves elsewhere because you haven’t been able to provide on-site service, you will want to get with them and talk about how you now can supply this service. NASVI’s Field Service Unit is state of the art. From the equipment on the trailers to the people on the repair team, you can feel confident you are supplying your customers with the best.

If you have questions on how our Field Service Unit can put money in your pocket, give us a call at 1-800-800-8882.

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