Employee Spotlight: Braxton Voss, Applications Engineer

Braxton Voss is celebrating his one-year anniversary with NASVI—the “paper” anniversary. What better way to celebrate him than featuring him in our print newsletter?

Braxton is an applications engineer who relishes the fact that NASVI has given him the opportunity to become an expert in one thing: safety valves.

“I previously worked at a place that sold everything under the sun, so I learned a little about everything and felt more like a jack of all trades. Since joining NASVI, I’ve been able to focus on safety valves and can help customers master their challenges,” explains Braxton.

We can’t say we’re surprised that “getting to help customers” is Braxton’s favorite part of his job. It’s a shared characteristic among our team.

“Every day, people are thankful. Hero moments are great. We’re getting valves out at a time when most just don’t have inventory. Customers need something yesterday, and don’t want to be told today that their order will be a month out,” says Braxton. “You know you’re making a difference when you hear a client say, ‘Oh my gosh, you just saved my butt.’”

When not wearing his superhero cape, Braxton is happily adjusting to fatherhood. He and his wife of six-years have an eight-month old son, and he spends a lot of family time taking walks and hikes. Of course, he doesn’t have the free time he did eight months ago, but when he does, he reads, games and keeps up on technology.