Selling safety valves is easy when you have the right help!

You don’t have to be an expert in the field of safety and relief valves to sell them because that’s our job. And we’re only a phone call away. We’ll help you select the proper valve and give an immediate price quote on the phone. The sole responsibility of our dedicated application engineers is to take care of your requirements.

We will help you with sales planning, product selection and after-sale service when needed. We will even provide you with catalogs that have no reference to NASVI. Place your company’s sticker on it and you’ll have your own safety valve catalog to pass out to your customers … and it costs you nothing.

Our commitment is to you. Our goal is to help you exceed your customer’s requirements – from quality products to on-time delivery backed by quick and accurate customer service. We carry all makes of safety and relief valves in our extensive inventory – from the common to hard to find. And same-day shipping is the rule, not the exception.

We’ll work hard to find the right solution so you can keep doing what you do best … putting your customers first and providing quality service and quality products.
At NASVI, we share the belief that servicing our customer’s needs completely every time is the key to our success.
Since 1975 that formula has worked for us. We have supplied distributors with the widest spectrum of quality safety and relief valves possible.

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