Huge Inventory with an Incredible Selection

• More than 35,000 valves in 3,100 varieties
• Currently set and ship over 200 valves per day
• We repair over 40 valves a week with plenty of capabilities to handle any emergency or rush jobs
• Same-day shipping with fast track capabilities to calibrate and test valves from nine test stations
• Ship safety valves to more than 2,300 customers worldwide

Consolidated 2700 Series and 1700 Maxiflow Series…Now in Stock!
Also stocking the P1 series economizer valve.

Delivery of these premium high-pressure valves from the factory can take from eight months to a year. At NASVI, we have them on hand right now, ready for your customers with high-pressure boilers.

2700 Series

• Designed for the combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) segment and fast-growing cogeneration and waste-to-energy segments
• Includes many features that meet ASME requirements for steam compressible fluids
• Supports smooth, cost-effective operations, especially in steam service environment

1700 Maxiflow Series

• Designed to provide optimum boiler overpressure protection
• Increases plant efficiency by reducing steam losses
• Installed on the majority of power-generating stations worldwide

Recommend Remanufactured Valves with Full Confidence

It’s a growing alternative for customers looking to save money and cut downtime.

When your customer mentions budgets are tight, suggest the solid alternative. A remanufactured valve from North American. Your customer will be back in production faster … for fewer dollars … with full confidence. Think of the times you’ve missed a valve sale because of price, availability or delivery. Now you can offer that customer a choice – a solid, safe and sensible choice. The remanufactured alternative.

And offering remanufactured valves will increase your sales!

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