Featured Valve: Anderson Greenwood 81P for Liquid Service

This direct spring-operated pressure relief valve, part of the Series 60 and 80, uses special internals and soft seats for optimum, accurate performance.

Of course, we have them in stock. Featured Valve: Anderson Greenwood 81P for Liquid Service

The Type 81P is a soft-seated, balanced valve with an internal nozzle, guide and spindle assembly, which is made especially for the unique demands of liquid service.

Sizes:                                   ½” x 1” to 2” x 3” (DN 15 to 50)

Orifices:                              0.049 to 1.287 in2 (0.316 to 8.303 cm2)

Connections:                     NPT, Flanged

Temperature range:         -65°F to + 400°F (-54°C to + 205°C)

Set pressures:                    50 to 6,000 psig (3.34 to 413.7 barg)

Code:                                  ASME VIII

Seat Tightness Performance Specifications

All pressure relief valves are checked for seat leakage per procedures outlined in API 527.

The following operating pressures will allow for bubble-tight seat sealing performance.

Set pressure range                             Operating pressure range

100 psig [6.9 barg] and above             0% to 92.5% of set

Below 100 psig [6.9 barg]                    0% to 80% of set